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The Mental Health and Developmental Abilities Coalition of Ventura County (MDACV) recently conducted a comprehensive review of its services and programs with the goal of improving access to mental health services for individuals in need. The review revealed several key findings and recommendations that will help guide the organization in better serving the community.


One of the main findings of the review was the need for increased awareness of mental health services among the community. Many individuals are not aware of the various resources available to them, leading to a lack of access to much-needed care. As a result, MDACV plans to launch a public education campaign to raise awareness about mental health services and how individuals can access them.

Another key finding of the review was the importance of collaboration among different organizations and agencies in order to provide comprehensive care to individuals with mental health needs. MDACV identified several potential partners, including community health centers, schools, and social service agencies, with whom they plan to establish partnerships to improve access to mental health services.


Based on the findings of the review, MDACV has developed a set of recommendations aimed at improving access to mental health services in Ventura County. The first recommendation is to expand the organization’s outreach efforts to ensure that individuals in need are aware of the services available to them. This includes establishing partnerships with schools, community centers, and other organizations to reach individuals where they are most likely to seek help.

Another recommendation is to enhance the organization’s referral system to streamline the process of connecting individuals with mental health services. MDACV plans to develop a centralized intake system that will allow individuals to easily access the services they need without having to navigate a complex and fragmented system.

In addition, MDACV plans to implement a training program for staff and volunteers to ensure they are equipped to provide high-quality care to individuals with mental health needs. This training will focus on cultural competency, trauma-informed care, and other best practices in the field of mental health services.


The recommendations outlined in the MDACV review have the potential to have a significant impact on access to mental health services in Ventura County. By increasing awareness of available services, streamlining the referral process, and enhancing the skills of staff and volunteers, MDACV aims to ensure that individuals in need receive the care they require in a timely and effective manner.


The MDACV review highlights the organization’s commitment to improving access to mental health services for individuals in Ventura County. By implementing the recommendations outlined in the review, MDACV aims to create a more cohesive and effective system of care that meets the diverse needs of the community.

Overall, the findings and recommendations of the MDACV review underscore the importance of collaboration, outreach, and training in providing high-quality mental health services to individuals in need. By working together with community partners and implementing best practices in the field, MDACV is well-positioned to make a positive impact on access to mental health services in Ventura County.

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