Luxury Bungalow

Luxury Bungalow

Bungalows or Detached House is consider luxury in Malaysia, mainly for the rich who could afford. A bungalow for example property/bangsar bungalow for sale-bungalow-for-sale surrounded with own compound big or small and as the land are getting scarcely available many new development have Zero Lot bungalow with tinny land between neighbor, even smaller than terrace end lot or corner house.

Design and Concept

Very much depending on individual, some like single storey for convenient and also cost, elderly people around and much cheaper to build and easier to maintain.

Whereas a rich would like to build double storey or triplex luxury bungalow bungalow to differentiate their riches, ampler space, all kind of facilities like gym, mini cinema, pool room, swimming pool and private lounge.

In the past most of the pool are build on the ground but now a day it will look more glamorous to have pool on 1st floor or rooftop with privately and better view.

Price Range

Very much depend on location, guarded or gated

Example; a very famous location like bangsar bungalow for sale or damansara heights or bukit tunku, a luxury bangsar bungalow for sale can be price more than RM20M but if similar bungalow in a normal location or further away from city, it may only go for RM10M or less .

It also varies from state to state, some state will be higher price than others.


Bungalow is consider a luxury mainly for the rich to afford and is consider bigger than normal house and usually those who stay in a bungalow will have hired maid or servant to maintain and the price of house will be higher than other houses in the market.

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