Jason Kelce says ‘Super Sick Monday’ should be a holiday in America

Jason Kelce has called for the Monday after the Super Bowl to become a national holiday in America as it’s revealed 16 million people plan to skip work.

The NFL’s season finale is one of the biggest events in the calendar with millions of Americans getting together at home or in bars to watch the action unfold.

The Super Bowl dominates TV ratings every year with around 115 million watching the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles in 2023.

But data from the UKG Workforce Institute claims a staggering 16.1 million employees will call in sick on Monday.

It’s such a big issue in America that state lawmakers are actively trying to make it an official holiday. 

Jason Kelce wants the Monday after the Super Bowl to become a national holiday in America

The Super Bowl dominates TV ratings every year with around 115million watching last year

Data from the UKG Workforce Institute claims a staggering 16.1m people will take Monday off

And Kelce thinks Americans should be given the Monday off work, comparing it to Brazil where the country shuts down when their national soccer team plays at a World Cup.

On the latest episode of New Heights, the brothers were asked whether they could ‘lead the charge’ for the Super Bowl to moved to Saturday so fans can take it easy on Sunday instead of skipping work.

Jason said: ‘Football is meant to be played on Sunday. There are occasions where it’s cool to see it on Monday or Thursday or Saturday. 

‘But the Super Bowl is meant to be played on Sunday. If anything we need to make Monday a holiday. Just make Monday a holiday. 

‘The country should change what they are doing for the Super Bowl, not Super Bowl for the country. Come on now.

‘In Brazil, I was in Brazil for the World Cup – did you know whenever the Brazil national soccer team plays the entire country shuts down. 

‘It’s a national holiday whenever their soccer team plays. That’s what I’m saying – just make it a national holiday. It’s America’s sport. It’s surpassed our national pastime of baseball in my opinion. 

‘Super Bowl Monday should just be off – unless you work at any of the stores that I need to go to and then you should still work.

‘If you were open during Covid, you’ve still got to go to work. That’s how it works. Sorry, I don’t make the rules! You’re necessary, you’ve got to get out there.’

The Kelce brothers recorded a Super Bowl special of their New Heights show in Las Vegas 

Jason has been enjoying what Las Vegas has to offer, including a trip to the blackjack tables and watching U2 at the Sphere.

Travis insists he’s in game mode though and is doing his best to lay low in the Chiefs hotel, which is located 16 miles away from the strip.

‘We’ve got one week, no deposit bonus slot casino we do what we need to do then we can party in Vegas for the rest of our lives,’ the younger Kelce brother said. ‘Everybody is pretty motivated and locked in at the task at hand. It’s wild being out here in Vegas.’

Jason then asked Travis about whether players are allowed to gamble in Vegas before the game.

‘You definitely can’t gamble. You might be able to walk in one (a casino), like if a restaurant is in one,’ he said. ‘I’m not going down the strip anytime until the game. 

‘I feel like it is exciting, man – the first ever Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Nevada. The biggest entertainment Mecca in the world. 

‘It is literally built for the biggest stages. This is nuts. This is insane. It just makes me want to win it that much more. makes me want to be on the right side of the history books – saying I won the first Vegas Super Bowl ever. 

‘The NFL is gonna enjoy having this place as the home of the Super Bowl. So for it to be the first and just what we have been through as team, to get back to the mountain top, that expectation was set the minute we won it last year. 

‘Fun ride up to this point, exciting opportunity and it makes you want to win it more than ever.’

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