Answers about Elements and Compounds

‘p’ ??? This element is unkonwn. However, if you mean ‘P’ , then it is phosphorus. NB It is the international standard, that # 1 ; single letter elemental symb

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Elements and Compounds

Is hydrogen inert gas?

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Far from it!!! When mixed with oxygen it readily ignites , Remember the ‘pop’ test in the lab. for testing for casino action online hydrogen. However, the next element on the peri

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What are some compounds that don’t contain carbon?

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The branch of chemistry named ‘INORGANIC’ chemistry deals with non-carbon contains compounds. Here are a few;- sodium hydroxide, sulphuric acid water calcium c

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Elements and casino simulation game Compounds

Is vanillin a compound or an element?

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Vanillin is definitely a compound. It contains Carbon , hydrogen and oxygen.

It has three functional groups, an aldehyde, hydroxyl, and an ether.

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